Saturday, December 22, 2007

Ima keithel-Imphal

Ima(Mother) keithel(market)or Nupi(Women)keithel is one of the largest women market of the world which is only managed by women.Seeing the Market,one cant ignored that Manipuri women have high entrepreneurship skills and 80% of women are employed and is one of the highest in India. Around 3000 stalls are being managed by women.No doubt the sales and marketing skills of all the women in the market are very fascinated and try to sell the products as fast as possible by making the consumers happy at the end of the day deriving a win-win situation on both the sides.
Ima market is also a high tourist spot which is situated in the heart of the Imphal Valley attracting many of people who comes to visit Imphal.

My Old Fren......

Whenever I visit Dilli haat,I always stopped by at this corner just to listen to the melodious music played by my old fren with his musical instrument,he plays different tunes,sounds of music ranging from sad,melancholy to very romantic songs at times.His face reacts to the music he plays,he closes his eyes deeply whenever he plays very emotional and sad ones ,his face becomes lighter whenever he plays a light music.He is always being crowded with kids because every kids wants to own the instrument he sells or otherwise he is always playing with his instrument entertaining all the visitors,and it seems nobody wants to disturb his rythym and concentration,but i just ask before taking this snap"Please smile",he nodded and gave a quick smile for my camera.His smile warms the cold wintry evening.Thanks so much..... I wish you all the happiness...

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Manipuri Dance

After so many years I got to see Manipuri dance when i went for my nephew's foundation day of his school in Manipur.I felt so lucky to be a part of that function because it is a rare sight for me to catch the Manipuri performances after coming out of Manipur.And with so much of hectic schedule I cant attend Manipuri dance when it is perfomed in many auditoriums in Delhi.Manipuri dance is one of the 6 classical dance of India.It is purely religious and more of spritual connection.The dance depicts more of the religious activities and the daily activities of people staying in the state.It is considered to be softest,mildest and mostly it involves lots of hands and body movements but one of the most graceful and lyrical dances of the world.It is basically performed in Temples and religious functions.

It has different dance forms like Ras Leela,Phung Cholom,Khamba-Thoibi,Maibi,Thabal Chongba etc....all these dance forms are all based on themes and involves instruments.Like Ras Leela is dedication to the love of Lord Krishna and his life stories.Phung cholom is based upon the drum known as Pung or Manipuri mridang.And Khamba Thoibi dance is based upon the story of a poor lad Khamba and a princess called Thoibi.

So much to say about manipuri Dance,but it wont be even enough.It is a delight to watch the beautiful dance with so much of rythm and gracefulness.So I say...catch a chance whenever Manipuri dance is going to be performed in your cities.Enjoy!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Incredible India in Dilli Haat

I have always been asked by my friends about the speciality of my country,and I just replied them in one word "Diversity"

What I always like and fel proud of my country is its "diversity", be it in its arts and culture,languages,and its people.It is impossible to speak all the languages orall the existing traditions to follow but there are deep cultural continuties that tie all of us together.

To feel its vibrancy and colours of Indian culture,The one roof place called "Dilli haat" offers the Indian experience in microcosm. A "destination in itself" offering a beautiful amalgam of craft,food and cultural activities of India.
I have never found Dilli haat empty even in weekdays,rather always buzzed with people from all over the world exploring the upgraded version of traditional Indian markets which offer ample of varities ranging from handloom,Crafts,to gems,beads,fabric and drapery etc...

The handlooms range are limitless ,consisting of Ikats from A.P,Orissa,Daccai from W.B,Chanderi pattern of M.P,checks from T.N,Bandhez from Jaipur,Kashmiri's pashmina shawls to Manipuri's silk sarees and Naga's shawl.Its a shoppers's paradise who really know the imporatnce of Indian fabrics and handlooms.

It will be unfair if I dont mention the food plaza from various regions of India to savour the ethnic flavours of gastronomic delights.If you are lucky you can encounter the big food festval which displays regional food very often.

In short,I would recommend, if you want to see more of Indian diverse cultures and traditions or you have friends or relatives visiting India,Dilli Haat is the place for you,it wont let you down. Dilli haat..It is a total colourful Indian Experience...

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Thank gudness ...its Friday...Funday at work

Every friday even though we advertisers are busy schdeduling, planning for our weekend plans,we always look forward for friday in our office as it's the best day .... a theme "Happy Feet day" where we have to wear Black and white,all Devills day,White day,Chakde Madison Day,dandiya Day,Heart day,Cancer awareness day...basically we dont missed out any day for celebrations and the concern for any Cause...and the most exciting part is our union for our photo- sessions where we poised at our best level and give a good shot...

I think part of "Fun at work" should be encouraged where we are given a chance to interact more and involved more and get to know many more exciting facets of unknown person...the fun side of the most serious person in the office....and moreover we get a break from our dear rows of excel sheets.... so its all our day...thank god its' friday.....

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Journey of confessions.....

Its 10 pm and i am tune into Meow Fm for my favourite Program called "Between the Sheets",this is the program where all the women longed for(I suppose) and do thier soulful confessions to RJ Mr Anil,who is really patient and take all the calls and listen to thier problem,I salute you Sir for ur patience..and I really realised ,we women have so much to say.We just need someone to listen to us who can give some solutions even though we know the Rj is not a god but we all pushed upto the level to get some analytical solutions.The journey of confessions become so interesting , i find my self interacting with all the listeners( and yah I ve done my confessions in one of the Shows too).

I never thought people can get so involved in this interactive program and they let all thier feelings out.The confessions range from friendship to breakups of thier love ,jeolousy,Offic work culture and thier realtionships with thier boss,and to the divorce matters of a marriage.Some cry,Some laugh,Some become sarcastic ,and some become so diverted that they go on and on forgetting what they have to say....It gets deeper and deeper for all the women as the night continues.

I salute all the women who listens to the show and have much more respect for all those who pour out thier feelings,this is the independence and freedom we have and we have rightly used this program as our forum .Way to go.. women......more confessions...more journey.. these will keep us alive....

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Brunch and Beach......

Brunch is the word which I always associate with weekends,’cos I have the pleasure of getting up late and try something innovative and interesting gastronomic platter calling it as a heavy and tasty Brunch since it is possible on my holidays only. But my concept of Brunch found a new meaning when I to Goa for 5-6 days. Everyday was the day of royal luxury Brunch which I always associate in weekends. Maybe this time,I was quite prepared not to overload myself with heavy breakfast, lunch and dinner so that I can have good time in the beaches playing around (In Goa you tend to have all the possible sea food available there gulping down with some good drinks).

So my days normally start finding out the best restaurants and Hotels which is located near the beach side and which can give me the best Goan ethnic cuisine and food. My search got completed with some help from my sister (who did quite a good research in Goan food and restaurant) and the locals who stay there and also all the shopkeepers on the beaches (they are the best bet)

My first encounter was with one of the best restaurants in Calungate beach called “Infataria” which offers you the best breakfast or brunch ranging from bacons, suasages, bread omelette, pancakes,porridges and yummy pastries,etc..and to tell you, Heinz baked beans never tasted so good till now (maybe I was hungry)and the pineapple juices was a refreshing one . Another restaurant called ‘Souza lobo’ is worth mentioning in Calungate beach because of its ambience and good hospitality, and the restaurants facing the sea beach do offer plenty of action to catch while ordering for the food and definitely don’t miss out the baked crab with cheese,Mix fried rice with prawns and yellowish French fries(Mc Donald’s can faced a good threat).

Next was with the best beach I ranked in Goa “Bagga beach” which is really clean and the best crowd and the restaurant we had our brunch was not at all disappointing rather I would say it’s a blessing that we didn’t missed out on “Britto’s.Everything was so fantastic about this restaurant facing the beautiful greenish blue sea, good hospitality and the best music which can make you feel good, and the food was what I called “Heaven”. Try out anything but don’t miss out the “roasted Chicken in White sauce”. Its amazing.
The other beaches like Anjuna,Vagator,Agauda are beautiful whnich are not much crowded but don’t missed out the flea market of Anjuna beach which we missed out this time.
Apart from having the Beach side’s brunches, feel you like having the food n before reaching the beaches and if you happen to crossed panjim on the way,stop your car and asked the driver about the best hotel which can offer you varieties and Goan cuisine, I bet the answer is ‘Vinete’(Just a few n steps away from Panjim residency ) and the ‘Classic Ritz hotel’. But I like Vinete more ‘cos it reminds me of Big Chill in Delhi (the young and peppy crowd and the kind of food),the wall adorning the paintings of ethnic Goan tribe culture ,signatures, and writings of all the people who came to Vinete from all over the World.
The Brunches are always good and royal but having on the beach side does add more taste to the food being tasted and enjoyable and u can just sunbathe with a gud drink in the afternoon.
Indeed Goa is the place just to forget everything you normally faced in your life and leading a life full of lively music, smiling faces of Goan people and their hospitality which always brings me back again and again to rejuvenate myself and my soul.And you bet,Beach and Brunch always makes a good combo in Goa.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Shopping Spree......

" Shopping" by the definition means examining of goods and services from retailers with intent to buy and it is considered as a leisure activity by some people,of course some people dont take it as a recreational activity as it involves lots of selection and deciding factor for the purchase.
To me Shopping is combination of getting wat i want to buy ( my needs),a therapy(retail) and most of all seeing the behaviour of the consumers...i think if the word "Shopping" didnt exist,i would not have come on this earth and it seems i am made for this ....and i am going to experience more and more...i just need an excuse to get into my shoes and get out for the market or shopping i had yesterday...aparna called me in the morning before my office asking me to do some wedding shopping( oops bridal shopping!!!)for her coming wedding on dec....i took the detail by asking wat she wants and she sent me a msg regarding the sizes and material of wat she wants .....i was in the market after the office and u wont believe i shopped like crazy and ended up having more additional stuffs to my wardrobe.And to tell u more if u want to do good shopping for every kind...please go to lajpat nagar (Central Market) which i did and i got lots of good selections over lingerie,and if u want salwar suit ,u bet its the best place apart from Fab india Stuffs...and last but not the least u will find lots of bridal sarees and lehenga on the very cheap costs...if u want to know any particular shops and its specialisation u can just give me a msg and i 'll be happy to help to my bestest knowledge...happy shopping till then