Thursday, August 23, 2007

Shopping Spree......

" Shopping" by the definition means examining of goods and services from retailers with intent to buy and it is considered as a leisure activity by some people,of course some people dont take it as a recreational activity as it involves lots of selection and deciding factor for the purchase.
To me Shopping is combination of getting wat i want to buy ( my needs),a therapy(retail) and most of all seeing the behaviour of the consumers...i think if the word "Shopping" didnt exist,i would not have come on this earth and it seems i am made for this ....and i am going to experience more and more...i just need an excuse to get into my shoes and get out for the market or shopping i had yesterday...aparna called me in the morning before my office asking me to do some wedding shopping( oops bridal shopping!!!)for her coming wedding on dec....i took the detail by asking wat she wants and she sent me a msg regarding the sizes and material of wat she wants .....i was in the market after the office and u wont believe i shopped like crazy and ended up having more additional stuffs to my wardrobe.And to tell u more if u want to do good shopping for every kind...please go to lajpat nagar (Central Market) which i did and i got lots of good selections over lingerie,and if u want salwar suit ,u bet its the best place apart from Fab india Stuffs...and last but not the least u will find lots of bridal sarees and lehenga on the very cheap costs...if u want to know any particular shops and its specialisation u can just give me a msg and i 'll be happy to help to my bestest knowledge...happy shopping till then