Saturday, December 15, 2007

Manipuri Dance

After so many years I got to see Manipuri dance when i went for my nephew's foundation day of his school in Manipur.I felt so lucky to be a part of that function because it is a rare sight for me to catch the Manipuri performances after coming out of Manipur.And with so much of hectic schedule I cant attend Manipuri dance when it is perfomed in many auditoriums in Delhi.Manipuri dance is one of the 6 classical dance of India.It is purely religious and more of spritual connection.The dance depicts more of the religious activities and the daily activities of people staying in the state.It is considered to be softest,mildest and mostly it involves lots of hands and body movements but one of the most graceful and lyrical dances of the world.It is basically performed in Temples and religious functions.

It has different dance forms like Ras Leela,Phung Cholom,Khamba-Thoibi,Maibi,Thabal Chongba etc....all these dance forms are all based on themes and involves instruments.Like Ras Leela is dedication to the love of Lord Krishna and his life stories.Phung cholom is based upon the drum known as Pung or Manipuri mridang.And Khamba Thoibi dance is based upon the story of a poor lad Khamba and a princess called Thoibi.

So much to say about manipuri Dance,but it wont be even enough.It is a delight to watch the beautiful dance with so much of rythm and gracefulness.So I say...catch a chance whenever Manipuri dance is going to be performed in your cities.Enjoy!


Delia said...

You write very well.

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