Monday, January 11, 2010

new year or new life 2010

HI everyone!!!!! Happy nw year ...
I welcmed my nw year 2010 with my old frens and some unknown faces from my fren's club was kinda enjoyable when u meet some new frens of same block(state) and tried adjusting to new environment ..
That day i realised when ppl enjoy ,they become emotional ...memories of old love and torn out relationships crossed ur mind even though u moved on best fren remembered her ex flame and became emotional ...and we tried to pacify her by saying cmon " dats your past " or " u will meet better person "or " he is the crap who doesnt deserved u ..we human sometimes tend to be very strong cos we have built that in our system ...we tried so much of adjustments..try to potrayed ourselves stronger if someone asked me do I have anyone in my mind whom i want to share this new year moment at that mind would have gone blank ..or so many known faces i met might crossed my mind ..its still an illusion ...or is it a way to say I am strong ?.

But one thing i realised is that " I am happily single with unplanned future ....and with a gret family who supports me when i am broke begins at home or with dear frens who shares drink ...will tell u wat happen when grls get drunk ...:)

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