Monday, January 11, 2010

hang over 2009

2009 was a year where i had so many ups and downs ..lots of excitement and lots of mood swings ....but finally it was also a year where i took one of my "hard can be repented type decision"- To quit my work place- Mindshare" which has given me another life full of frens,love and money to do some good shopping in my life :).The reason for quiting will defenitely tried to be assured on my coming blogs post referring to examples ...but one solid reason was "the Happy statement " was not with me when i worked,when i sat on my cabin...mind of impatience,restlessness,and feeling of anxiety crossed my mind when i worked on my excel sheets ...I finally said, no more injustice to the work for which the money has been paid and i have been enjoying i took a decision.." Quit"..dat word doesnt sound good ...cos many fallouts culmination came out but my mind was at peace ..wanted to live in that way ...instead of fear,scared of "wont be getting money" but keeping your ass on the chair without happiness..dat was not i was happy ..VOILA 2009 ...u made me took this decision ..

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